Final Portfolio- InDesign


Here is my final portfolio for DAD 2 and 4 from InDesign. I just added my newest pieces to the InDesign document I had already made from last year. This saved a lot of time.


Final Project Part 1


Here is part one of y final project. I added an inner shadow in the sunflower to make it more 3D. I made a cloud inspired background to add more to the sunflower. I was going to use a cloud brush but thought that was too easy so I found a brush and made blue, white, and light blue streaks across the background. It kind of reminds me of ocean foam.

Final Project- Progress 2

FinalProject1So combining the elephant with the mug was too difficult to do plus I don;t think it would have looked right if I did do it. I changed the objects that I am combining to a lion and a sunflower. I am going to try and make the petals of the sunflower look like the mane of the lion. I deleted the original mane of the lion and just selected the head to put in the middle of the sunflower. I changed the lion filter from normal to lighter color to make it look like it is part of the flower.

Final Culminating Project Proposal

inanimate-objectI think that I am going to improve, or do a better, inanimate + animate object that I did in DAD 2.   I think I felt that I was rushed to finish this project because I missed a day so I couldn’t do my absolute best. I am going to try and combine an elephant with a mug/cup that has a handle by using Photoshop. I will use my Photoshop skills so that the animate object will blend into the inanimate one to make it one image.

Website Page 2, 3, & 4

Here are pages 2, 3, and 4 of my website. It took a while for me to gather all of my artwork and placing it how I want to. I decided to just stick with the name of the piece and what medium I used. If this was a real website I would add the dimensions and a reflection on the pieces.

Home Page


I loved designing the home page for my website. I found the paintbrush shape in Photoshop and had a brainstorm of ideas that I could add. The most difficult part though was trying to figure out how to divide the pages in the website.

Website Logo

WebsiteLogoI based this logo off of the logo that I designed in DAD2 last year. I changed it a bit and I love how it looks. I wanted to put a computer cursor on here to represent the digital artwork of my website but I couldn’t figure out how to put it in. I just love how simplistic it is and it’ll go well with the color scheme I have in mind.