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For this assignment I liked choosing the different filters so that the end product would be my own. I tried many different ones to get the effect that I wanted. My favorite part in the logo is the “B” because I like how the filter changed the way it looks.


Diving Boys

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For this assignment I really liked editing the photo to make it my own. I used the smudge tool  to smear the water and used the sponge tool to put emphasis on the diving boy. I like how the water turned out because it looks like it is actually moving.

Bearcat Pride

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This is a great photo of me and my two best friends Morgan and Brooke. I really like the effect that the puzzle effect has on the photo. My favorite thing about this are the missing pieces that are in the “puzzle” because it just adds to the effect.

The Loggerhead

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This is a picture of a loggerhead sea turtle. As you can tell, it IS painted. This is one of my mom’s creations that she did over the summer and I absolutely love it! So I am really glad that I chose this picture for the puzzle piece edge. The hardest part was understanding the directions and figuring out which part of the puzzle would be the edge of the picture.

Tsunami 2011

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I had a hard time finding a good enough picture that was either too light or too dark. I’m glad that I found this one though because I wanted to make it lighter in the first place. After I adjusted the lighting, I thought the picture looks even better.

Sunset at the Beach

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This assignment was really cool to do. I decided to go with a picture of the beach while the sun is setting because I love the beach. Once I found the sun shape with the custom shape tool I knew that that was the perfect shape to put in the picture. The difficult part about it was that I couldn’t decide on where to put the shape in the picture. After I figured out where to place it, I was happy with the end product.

iPod Silhouette

I enjoyed making this iPod Silhouette. The toughest part about making this though was cutting out the background perfectly around her body so that her body would be a silhouette. I had to zoom in on the picture to get the cut out just right so that the background wouldn’t show. Also I had some trouble keeping a steady hand while outlining her body because I wanted it to be straight. Even though it didn’t turn out to be straight, I really like the final product.

Salkehatchie 2011

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I really like the effect that the blur background has. The way that the grass, trees, and house blend together really makes the subjects of the picture stand out. The hardest part of doing this for me was getting the outline of what I didn’t want to be blurred just right. I had to restart that step several times. In the end, I like how the picture turned out.

The 3 Little Pigs

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These are by best friends, Morgan and Brooke. We dressed up as the 3 little pigs for Spirit Week at Rock Hill High. I like the cut out version of this photo because it gives you only one focus and not two, which is the background. The hardest part of making the cut out version of this was erasing every part of the background perfectly around the hair so that no background would show.


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I absolutely love this picture. This is one of my best friends, Brooke. The photo was taken when we were going to Holly Ball in December 2009, but even though I can’t remember what we were laughing about, I love how the picture turned out in the end. I chose the word LAUGH for this assignment because I love to laugh. The hardest part of this was to get the alignment of the word right so that you could actually see our faces and get the full affect of what I wanted to show you.