Rose 3D

I really liked using the 3D text and playing with all the different types of 3D animation. For this one especially, I like how the 3D version looks like an actual rose. I am glad that photoshop had a rose shape because it saved a lot of time.


Band Logo Research

Here are some related band logos for the band J.Aimes and the Fever. I really liked some of these logos and the bands to go with them. I especially like some of Muse’s music.

Eye Art

I had a lot of fun doing this assignment. My two favorite ones are the first two. Especially the ocean one because I love the beach. I would not mind doing this one again but it was harder to find new ideas toward the end.

Photojournalism with Marcus Yam

Photojournalism is a profession that involves communicating the news through the use of photography. Photojournalists conduct research, explore new possibilities for a story, and interview individuals. They have the ability to manipulate objects, individuals, and/or situations to develop  better effects to illustrate their story. Photojournalists are responsible for purchasing their own equipment and keeping up the the fast-paced improvements with technology.

The average salary for this job is $42,490 per year and the starting salary is usually $37,900 per year. Those starting out as a photojournalist working for a newspaper or magazine will make less, but as they get more experienced, their salary will increase. An interesting fact about the benefits of being a photojournalist is that those who are full time employees for one publication will have a secure health insurance plan. However, those who are freelance workers or self-employed will have to pay health insurance themselves.

To prepare for this job, most photojournalists get a bachelor’s degree in photography and a minor in journalism. If they plan on pursuing a career that works with print and web publications they are encouraged to have an educational background to fully understand journalism. To get hired for the job, photojournalists ideally will have an exceptional experience and skill with photography and are able to edit photos to make them the correct size and color for the editorial. An excellent skill for a photojournalist is to have great people skills  since they will mostly be working with the public. They need to have good communication skills and be professional so that they are sure they are getting the right photos for their current project. Photojournalists spend a ton of time in front of a computer editing their photos for publication. When they are not preparing for publication, they are usually out taking photos. Photojournalists need to be prepared to go in action if they get a call about breaking news. They also need to expect to work long and unwonted hours and need to work in a fast, quick-paced speed. They are required to always be on track with deadlines and communicate with team members to make sure everything and everyone is in sync. Photojournalists also need to be familiar with legal issues in relation to taking and publishing photos.

This career choice is interesting to me because it is a profession that I have not given much thought to and is an interesting way of communicating the news to others around us. The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” is extremely evident in this line of work. This just goes to show that people do not have to use just words to communicate about an issue or what is happening in the world today.

One specific photojournalist is Marcus Yam. He is a photojournalist for the New York Times. His photographs mainly show the social issues that shape the American experience. These issues include immigration, citizenship, faith, poverty, and many more. He believes that photography is an observation of emotional yet factual truths that can be explained without words or a description. Yam’s photography does exactly this and can be shown through these following photos:

Elements and Principles of Design

The Elements of Design

1. Line- linear marks made by a pencil, pen, or brush

2. Shape- a self contained defined area of geometric or organic form

3. Direction- lines that are horizontal, vertical, or oblique; horizontal lines suggest calmness, stability, and tranquility; vertical lines suggest balance, formality, and alertness; obliques lines suggest movement and action

4. Size- the relationship of the area occupied by one shape to that of another

5. Texture- the surface quality of a shape (rough, smooth, hard, soft, glossy, etc.) and can be visual or physical

6. Color- hues (primary, secondary, tertiary, complimentary, etc.)

7. Value- the lightness or darkness of a color (a.k.a tone)

The Principles of Design

1. Balance- one element not overpowering the other in a painting, drawing, etc.

2. Gradation- the gradual change from dark to light or a warm color to a cool color

3. Repetition- used with variation to make a work interesting; without variation repetition can become monotonous

4. Contrast- the juxtaposition of opposing elements (ex.: opposite colors on the color wheel)

5. Harmony- the visually satisfying effect of combining similar, related elements

6. Dominance- emphasizes one or more elements to give interest

7. Unity- the visual linking of various elements of a work; relating the design elements to the the idea being expressed

Photostory 3

This one I came up with because my idea for the 2nd photostory failed. I wanted to do one where I was getting a drink from the canteen but it turned out that it was locked. I’m glad that the sign was on the door otherwise I don’t know what I would have done my 3rd photostory on.

Photostory 2

I had some difficulty with figuring out what story I wanted to tell since I couldn’t use any words. I was going to do one of me getting a drink but the canteen door was locked…just my luck. So I decided to keep it simple and do one of me recycling a water bottle.

Photostory 1

My first Photostory was very fun to make. I had some trouble figuring out what I wanted the photos to be but I really like the topic I came up with. Putting the texts and thought/speak bubbles were cool to do as well.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here is my photo scavenger hunt:) I had a lot of fun trying to capture everything on the list. I learned how to change the levels of the photo to make it look even better and professional.