Colored Cartoon

Here is my colored cartoon and I love how this turned out. I can’t wait to see what it is like in animation. Just imagine that as the purple fills in the bird, it empties in the note. Like I said, I can not wait.


Cartoon Drawing

I chose to draw a bird because I wanted my animation drawing to be simple. I also wanted my coloring animation to “fill” the subject from another object. So I decided to draw musical notes that come out of the bird’s mouth and have the color in the notes fill in the color of the bird while it empties out of the notes. So long story short the color in the notes will empty out of the notes and flow into the bird making the bird colorful.


My favorite color is blue because my eyes have always been attracted to it. I love people with blue eyes and envy them because I think blue eyes are so pretty, next to green. I also love hanging out at the pool and going to the beach and I associate blue with them because that is usually the color of the water.