Claymation Setting

This is the setting of Rebecca, Bret, and my’s claymation. Since there was only one main section of the setting we were going to use for the claymation, we just decorated that one corner instead of focusing on finishing the entire space. We plan to have a zoomed, ground level view for our animation so it’ll seem more realistic. We used feathers for the trees and we plan to Photoshop some of them since we didn’t have enough of them for the leaves.


Claymation Storyboard

Here is the storyline and storyboard for my group’s claymation. It is about a person who is sad ad the setting is in the woods. Then all of a sudden a tall person appears and tries to cheer the other person up in a “normal” way. When that doesn’t work, the tall person, who happens to be a wizard, does magic to help cheer the sad person up. In the end, the wizard magically disappears, leaving the person in a happy mood.

Claymation Research

Here are some research examples of stop motion claymation videos. I did this research to look at all of the creative ideas and get some inspiration for my group claymation project. I’m looking forward on seeing how this ends up. And I really like the last video!

Background for Flash

This is my background for the flash animation. This is supposed to be set in Africa but I didn’t want to be too literal since I only have a short amount of time to complete this project. I really like that there is a grass brush in Photoshop because I got to make the ground look like grass easily.


Here is my storyboard. I had a difficult time figuring out the story line, but I finally came up with this. I wanted to keep it simple. Hopefully my drawings are ok since it is just a sketch of the story. I hope this is clear and sorry my handwriting is scratchy. I was in a bit of a rush.

Computer Generated Characters

Here are my five computer generated characters. I had a lot of fun with creating these. I kept on coming back to the different stereotypical people you would see in high school: the nerd, the slacker, the princess, the jock and the one who’s different. I guess it’s like my own version of The Breakfast Club.