Firework Thaumatrope

This was a quick ad easy assignment and I liked that you could basically do anything with it and it’ll still look good. I chose to do a firework and the song Firework went perfectly with it. It was difficult to get the thaumatrope to spin smoothly though.



A thaumatrope is a card with a different picture on each side with a string attached on either end. When the string is wound up and then released, the two pictures look like they are one picture so they look like they merge together. The thaumatrope is a “persistence of vision” toy that was introduced in the 19th century.

Toymation Research & Storyline

Here are some research videos:

My group decided to do a public service announcement on theft. We decided that, if we have them, to use Batman toys or any super hero toy in this project. A general idea we came up with is someone is going to steal something and batman or any superhero is going to swoop in or jump in to stop the stealer and explain why stealing is wrong.

Coraline Videos

Exquisite Energy:

There are multiple parts and pieces to making an animation film. The video talked about that around every corner there is someone who just finished making a puppet or a shot was just finished. The animator is performing through the puppet which creates the exquisite energy for the animation.

It Comes Down to Rigging:

If the camera is not able to solve the problem or the art department is not able to solve it then it comes down to rigging. Rigging is the department where people makes a devices that are the solution to a problem. Riggers are able to interact with the camera, animation and art department.

Little Miracles:

An animator feels like he’s witnessing little miracles everyday. He doesn’t feel like the work that he did is real because he sees it all come together with putting every frame together to make the movie fluid. When he sees the creature moving and breathing it becomes unreal that he did that since it’s not a part of him anymore. When he watches the movie the whole process of making it goes away so that he can enjoy the film for the beauty of it.

Behind the Scenes:

The skills of the art department come together to create the world of Coraline. Different materials are being used to create all of the puppets that interact in the film. Different people also create the sets of the characters and everything looks like the size of a doll house.

We Have to Make the Web:

The set designers used stretchy, elastic chord to make the web which is an action packed sequence in the film. The web scene leads into the world below the room. People involved in the movie have to learn to get along with everyone because they all, in someway, interact with the different departments of the film to bring it all together.


One of the objects that the rapid prototyping department made was the shower head splattering onto Coraline’s head. They created a whole series of splattered water and made it look rustic. They made it out of clear plastic and they made each strand visible to make the effect realistic.

Visual Effects Reel:

This video showed the before and after of each scene. In one of them they inserted candle flames on the birthday cake and removed the face seam which was clearly visible. In another they did a rig removal, a set stabilization, and a shadow fix. This video shows how the editing of all of this effects the final film.

Making Faces:

The Assistant Animator plan out all of the facial animations for the film. They receive the story reel so that they can match up different expressions to the face, and all of this is done on the computer. The Assistant Face Librarian sorts out 13,000 + actual faces that are not on the computer. They collect those certain faces and bring them to the animators.

Coraline Flower:

Magic and Rainbows

This is the first final claymation project. I love how this turned out. It was fun working in a group, but it was difficult at times because getting ideas out so people can understand them was hard. I am SO happy with how the characters turned out, especially the wizard. The hardest part was shooting because we had to move each body part slightly then take a picture then repeat it, and sometimes the wizard wouldn’t stand up. But I love the finally product!