Strawberry Research

I researched different strawberry artwork and different strawberry festival posters to get some ideas on my own poster. I really like these and I thought some of them were really creative. I really like the hot air balloon strawberries and the tongue strawberry.


About Me


This is my about me collage. I decided to do a clipping mask inside of footprints on the beach since it’s once of my favorite places. On the left foot I decided to keep it travel related. I want to go to Greece and London one day and my favorite cars are Volvos, and on the right foot I did my creative side and what I like to do. I love how this turned out!

About Me Idea

For this assignment, I have a strong idea of what I am going to do. I want to get a picture of a footprint on the beach and make a collage of what I like, where I’m from, my favorite place, music, etc. I will use my Photoshop skills that I learned in DAD 2. I am doing a collage because I love doing collages and in the end I am going to make all of the things in the footprint become the shape of the footprint.