Gun Logo Research

Here are my 10 gun control logo research examples. I had a hard time finding some that were actual “logos” so I just picked pictures that advertised gun control awareness. I still have no clue what I am going to design for the logo and I am kind of hesitant since the final has to be done in Illustrator.


Strawberry Poster: Photoshop

StrawberryPosterThis is the same idea that I did for the Strawberry Poster contest but I did this one in Photoshop. I like the grass much better in this one than the Illustrator poster. I think this one looks ore realistic than the one I did in Illustrator and I like this one in different ways than the other. Overall I really like how this turned out in Photoshop.

Graffiti Research

So here are the ten photos for graffiti. I love the last one. I can’t wait to see how my graffiti art will turn out!

Photo Collage


So here is the collage that I made from the 20 photos that I took. Since I am really familiar with Photoshop, this was pretty easy for me to do. I love using the overlay setting on some photos because they will turn out like the “Life is Good” and the rainbow pictures. I just love how the middle and top parts turned out!

About Me Photos

Here are my 20 photos of things that were interesting to me. Some of them I couldn’t take at the time (like the beach photos) so I used previous photos that I have taken and used those. I love the piano photo and it’s probably one of my favorite pictures I have taken…EVER. I had to adjust the levels of 2 or 3 of them because the lighting at the time wasn’t great. They look so much better now.