Teach Me Storyboard


This is our storyboard.We decided to do a “teach me” lesson on random facts. We are going to write and have illustrations with the facts. We think that around 5-7 facts will be long enough to make this animation.


Whiteboard Stop Motion Research

Here are 4 different stop motion videos that teach something. This is a really cool and effective way of giving information (especailly if you are a visual learner). I’m not really sure yet about what my group and I will come up with to teach.

Top 50 iPad Apps Article

ABC News’ technology has gathered the top 50 apps in the Apple App Store for those who are new to the iPad phenomenon and they have organized them into different categories. In the reading category, I had no idea that you could buy magazines in the Amazon Kindle app; I just thought you could only use it for reading on the iPad. I surprisingly haven’t heard of a lot of apps in this article. These include Flipboard, News 2360, Instapaper, Pages, Mint, ShowYou, OnLive Desktop, Barefoot Atlas and many others. My favorite app though would have to be Pinterest, which is #3 in the article,  because I love finding new, creative and cool things to pin on my boards (like hairstyles I’m dying to try out!).

Animated Gif Research

Here are 10 examples of animated gifs. I can’t wait to see how mine will turn out. Click on the pictures to see the loading screens animate!

iPhone 4 Case Design

Here is my design for the iPhone 4 case. I knew I really wanted to do something Disney related and I found this quote on the Internet while searching for some ideas. The whole design just kind of happened with no plan. I just played around with the different brushes and filters. I love how this turned out!