Final Portfolio- InDesign


Here is my final portfolio for DAD 2 and 4 from InDesign. I just added my newest pieces to the InDesign document I had already made from last year. This saved a lot of time.


Final Project Part 1


Here is part one of y final project. I added an inner shadow in the sunflower to make it more 3D. I made a cloud inspired background to add more to the sunflower. I was going to use a cloud brush but thought that was too easy so I found a brush and made blue, white, and light blue streaks across the background. It kind of reminds me of ocean foam.

Final Project- Progress 2

FinalProject1So combining the elephant with the mug was too difficult to do plus I don;t think it would have looked right if I did do it. I changed the objects that I am combining to a lion and a sunflower. I am going to try and make the petals of the sunflower look like the mane of the lion. I deleted the original mane of the lion and just selected the head to put in the middle of the sunflower. I changed the lion filter from normal to lighter color to make it look like it is part of the flower.

Final Culminating Project Proposal

inanimate-objectI think that I am going to improve, or do a better, inanimate + animate object that I did in DAD 2.   I think I felt that I was rushed to finish this project because I missed a day so I couldn’t do my absolute best. I am going to try and combine an elephant with a mug/cup that has a handle by using Photoshop. I will use my Photoshop skills so that the animate object will blend into the inanimate one to make it one image.