Website Logo

WebsiteLogoI based this logo off of the logo that I designed in DAD2 last year. I changed it a bit and I love how it looks. I wanted to put a computer cursor on here to represent the digital artwork of my website but I couldn’t figure out how to put it in. I just love how simplistic it is and it’ll go well with the color scheme I have in mind.


Whiteboard Stop Motion

Here is my groups stop motion. I like how this turned out. We had difficulty finding which facts were good to illustrate and which weren’t and we had a hard time trying to figure out how to illustrate certain words.

iPhone 4 Case Design

Here is my design for the iPhone 4 case. I knew I really wanted to do something Disney related and I found this quote on the Internet while searching for some ideas. The whole design just kind of happened with no plan. I just played around with the different brushes and filters. I love how this turned out!